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Argus - Menerga

Menerga manufactures and supplies high quality air conditioning systems with a wide range of applications. Menerga is the inventor of adiabatic cooling.

We have built together a web application to support the administration that has previously been kept largely on paper or via separate digital documents. Data were not always available to everyone, and the growth of the company's administrative flow has become increasingly difficult to manage. Argus, the web application developed with Menerga and 10to1, combines and digitises all the digital processes.

Argus combines three key components: CRM, service management and stock management. Employees can also consult the necessary forms and certificatesonline.

menerga screenshot

The CRM portion of Argus makes it easy to manage contact information and consulting, and provides a solid foundation for the other components. The contacts from the CRM system are also useful in the project monitoring system (eg. to add a contact from a consultancy to a project) and in the warehouse (eg. to contact suppliers for components).

menerga screenshot

Employees can manage projects in Argus and follow through from the first contact with the client until long after the completion of maintenance and customer service. The component warehouse always gives clients a clear overview of the current stock and what is available in the vans.

Argus also largely automates invoicing, making working with separate files redundant. Statutory coolant accounting was given a place in the new system.

Finally, the planning and the workflows for the technicians were also integrated into Argus.

A comprehensive application such as Argus centralises all data, and any user can display only the screens that he/ she needs. All components work together seamlessly, and ensure a smooth workflow for all employees.

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