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10to1 has developed an app for the efficient collection of mobile data about a vehicle via the iPad (both text and photos), and then to send it to a server. The administrative data will be entered centrally by an administrator via a web application. By connecting the iPad to a portable printer, the inspector can print a receipt for the customer on the spot.

fleetexpert screenshot

Inspectors of Fleetexpert conduct on-site inspections on vehicles. They must be able to collect a lot of information (including photos) to be able later to supplement the dossier.

An inspector can draft a detailed description of the vehicle on the spot. On a schematic view of the car he can indicate the places where, for example, damage has been damaged.

The built-in camera of the iPad 2 allows the inspector to take photographs to support his case. Also, previous photos and PDFs can be attached.

The app will highlight the fields in the file which may or may not have been filled completely. At the end of the inspection, the application automatically calculates the amount the customer owes.

fleetexpert screenshot
fleetexpert screenshot

The customer can put his signature on the screen, and at that moment the inspection data will be frozen.

A portable printer finally prints a report of the inspection for the customer. The iPad connects via Bluetooth to a mobile printer and the customer immediately receives a legible receipt, including signature.

The application can work both online and offline. To retrieve new data from the server, an Internet connection is obviously required. The communication between iPad and web server is done via a web service.

Managing all data through a simple web application, thanks to the various communication capabilities of the iPad, the inspector may at any time request adetailed history.

This was the first time that Fleetexpert worked with 10to1 and the no-nonsense approach, the clear offer, and the commitment of the team were complementary. 10to1 took our business intelligence immediately and processed it perfectly into the application.

The agile approach of 10to1 does work, and the ease of communication was certainly of benefit to the development process. We’re keeping this stable application of the work of our inspectors, which is significantly accelerating.

This was the first IT project where I never had to take a step back, but could rely on our goal.

- Peter Plettinckx, Fleetexpert

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