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Luan, sales tool for iPad, makes your products speak for hemselves.
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Sales people should be able to show their product images easily. Sales people do not get much time to present their products. They have brochures with them whenever they refer to pictures of their range in order to give the customer a clear idea. This research work takes a lot of time - time their situation does not always award them. An app that quickly filters the correct photos from an easily manageable catalog solves that: Luan.

Online the back end uploads the photos of your products. You create tags that you can combine with categories. The tags you assign for photos are the filters you use for the iPad app to reinforce your story in an instant.

The app checks for new pictures, categories or tags. If something is changed on the server, the application shows this clearly. One tap on the sync button and your iPad is up to date. Luan works perfectly without an internet connection for syncing, though you need to be online.

If you filter tap, Luan immediately shows just the photos that have been tagged in the back end. By combining filters you can refine your results or extend them just as efficiently and intuitively. A tap on one of the thumbnails opens that picture in full screen. You can swipe back and forth between the chosen images, and by pinching you return to the overview.

Luan is therefore composed of two parts: the app you can download from the App Store the back end we set up for you. All information is on

luan screenshot
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